Football Player Strike Shows Solidarity of Family

It’s not one of the easiest decisions you can make, especially if you’re in your senior year. But sometimes social issues become more important than the game that athletes are involved in.

The strike on Saturday night by many of the Missouri players is a powerful statement by a group dissatisfied with how University of Missouri system President Tim Wolfe has handled racially tense issues over the past several months. Wolfe’s response has been to apparently not handle the issues at all.

But important to point out here is this: there is 100% positive support in everything surrounding this. No school administrators are condemning the move, no coaches are getting upset, players are supporting it, the media isn’t basting them as quitters during a down year. The strike has a very serious purpose and connection to many across campus, and it being done the right way.

Meanwhile, no word yet from the University on a potential move to replace Wolfe. Students continue to protest, which includes one man’s hunger strike that has gone on for several days now.


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