Did J’den Cox Just Announce He’ll Play Football for Mizzou?

Mizzou senior wrestling star and bronze-medal Olympian J’den Cox was met in Columbia by a mob of fans as he returned, which moved to campus where there was a ‘welcome home’ themed event and an autograph session.

Cox has been blown away and humbled by the media attention, as well as the response from his hometown of Columbia, Mo. in cheering him on during his time competing in Rio. But it was Cox that blew away those in attendance with what he said.

“The new plan is to play football for the University of Missouri after I get done with wrestling here for a year,” Cox told a room of spectators and journalists that included ABC17’s Andrew Kauffman.

“The rule here is you can play a sport for four years, and then your fifth year, you can go and play another one.”

Cox’s explanation strongly indicates that he has had some degree of planning and communication about such a move, but those affiliated with the team didn’t have any immediate reaction.

You can bet fan support for Cox’s decision would be strong as he was an exceptional linebacker for the in-town Hickman Kewpies. His entrance right when standout senior Michael Scherer would be departing the program, might be just what the Tiger team needs on the second layer.

You can guarantee that this story is just getting rolling. Stay close to the Mizzou Report for updates into a potential roster spot for Cox.


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