BREAKING: Texas Longhorns 2005 National Championship Trophy Shattered

Mizzou Report has obtained exclusive information about the most prized trophy in the Texas Longhorns’ illustrious case, their 2005 BCS National Championship trophy.

Former Longhorns coach Mack Brown, musician Jack Ingram and actor Matthew McConaughey run a yearly fundraiser in Austin, Texas for their group MJ&M.

But during this past spring, an MJ&M event turned into a horror situation for Texas officials. At the request of Longhorn players, the 2005 championship trophy was brought to the event in order to sell photo opportunities to donors.

After photos had concluded, the trophy was removed from the event floor. It was then taken to the back-of-house area, where it was on guard by an NCAA official.

At some point after a brief time in the back, the glass football that adorned the top of the trophy fell and shattered on the ground.

Employees of the venue hosting the event were forced to sign a gag order that they would never talk about the incident.

It’s not known at this time exactly how the trophy was knocked over, or who may have done it. Mizzou Report can now confirm that it was not McConaughey who may have broke the trophy, because he was on stage at the time of the accident.

Texas used to clean up on Saturdays when they played Mizzou in the Big 12 Conference, but as the toxic league spirals toward foreclosure, it’s only fitting that news of their greatest achievement over the last several decades has gone kablooey all over the floor.


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