What’s Happened to Mizzou and Will They Recover

So, let’s no try to get cute on this thing all of a sudden. It’s not good.

Mizzou football in its freshman season under former player Barry Odom, has turned up a complete dud of a season in a league division that’s already judged by many to be on the level of Mountain West teams.

If you look at what the team is putting together on the field, it’s a shameful offense of limited leadership and no consistency, coupled with a defense that hasn’t lived up to its potential. Serious injuries have also put a damper on longer short-term hopes of some kind of revival.

Coaching is certainly under question, but only one season in it’s hard to say he’s under fire or anything like that. While Odom does have his share of those who disapprove in how he’s done so far, the overall consensus is that he needs another year or two to show what he can do.

I’m not going to get as political about this as you might think and blame things on the happening from last November, but that obviously didn’t help matters. The team just isn’t very good.

Drew Lock has absolutely no pocket presence. He’s quick to hurry and make a bad decision if defenders can just get close to him. Tackling has become a joke on the other side of the ball, and with the emotional leader Michael Scherer out for the rest of the way, look for someone to hopefully step up and take charge.

Another reason that this team isn’t as successful is that they aren’t as close. Even before their unexpected SEC success in 2013, the Tiger football team had a sense of togetherness and family that wasn’t artificial, and it was helping them win games. It started with Gary Pinkel, but Odom won’t have a problem getting these guys together, once he gets nestled into place.

The answer is time, Mizzou needs it to rebuild. These are ugly words to some, that we will have to hear for some time before we begin to see winning ways again. Time will have to be invested in ideas, the ideas will have to be acted on and then hopefully the ideas pan out into things that make Tiger football a winner again.


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