The Media, Michael Porter, Jr. and Mizzou Pitchers

It’s not exactly how your coach or your fans want to see you talked about in the preseason media.

In response to being annoyed at the coverage Jeremiah Tilmon’s “arrest” was getting for a simple MIP, Mizzou defensive standout Marcell Frazier declared that he would be unavailable for all local media this season. This caused the local and even national media to respond, mostly in a very general disjointed defense of being able to cover whatever, which really isn’t the point of what Frazier is talking about.

He elaborated and said that he would be available to fans at community events to talk football if they felt they didn’t have access to him.

So what’s the deal? What about the Tilmon arrest has Frazier upset? It’s that something this mundane was covered at all, yet there’s all sorts of illegal activity that takes place everyday, almost encouraged.

Many of the Mizzou writers who went on the defensive don’t seem to understand that it’s not your journalistic integrity that Frazier is attacking, it’s the choice of subject matter. Frazier doesn’t really understand that it’s not so much about what the writers want to report, as it’s about what people (fans) want to know.

So then really in the whole world of determining who’s right and wrong, we’ve arrived at a media stalemate.

Frazier totally has a point. But is his beef with the writers? A little, but more about the people who control the media.

Media are simply doing their job by fulfilling the wishes of their readers and sponsors, is that wrong? Partly, but they need to eat. And even if the Illuminati controls everything, it’s not as if the writers are sacrificing goats, right?


Michael Porter, Jr. is so off the charts of anyone Mizzou has ever had, I’m not sure that people are going to know how to deal with it.

As we try to remain humble in our words and realistic in our expectations, the days continue to count down until we see Michael Porter, Jr. dawn that Mizzou basketball jersey for an official game against Iowa State.

His preseason accolades are so absurd it’s almost a formality to just assume he’s the best. But when people see what he’s capable of on the floor, I think it’s getting ready to add a whole new dimension to the conversation about him.

“The guys he’s beating are so tiny,” is the most popular variated complaint I heard about him when showing his highlight videos to people all over the country. “Doesn’t mean he can play on a team,” someone from upstate New York said.

The biggest part of this year’s team will actually be the usual suspects. How well can Terrence Phillips, Kevin Puryear and Jordan Geist lead these incredible talents early on in the season? How will Jeremiah Tilmon factor in? What is Jordan Barnett’s role now? Tons of huge questions that will all be answered when we see the Porter era play out in front of us.


The Sporting News said they believe Mizzou product Max Scherzer is a shoe-in for Cooperstown. It’s too early for that, but Mizzou pitching is going well.

The Boston Red Sox made an investment into their future by signing Tanner Houck and giving him a $2mil + signing bonus. This couldn’t be a better fit IMHO. Boston finally has that untradeable secret-weapon prospect they’ve craved, and Mizzou continues to look like a pitchers’ school on a national scale.


Obnoxious Mizzou Fan is this guy named Dan Irwin. He’s on Twitter. He does this page. He’ll out-cook your uncle at a bar-be-que.


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