Mizzou’s Mt. Rushmore, Who Are the Four Heads?

Tiger Athletics has a strong tradition that spans back well over a century. With all the iconic names that the school is known for, we narrow down to the four obvious choices, as well as discuss those who didn’t make it.

If you build it, they will debate. Seeing something like this would be fantastic, but I’m not sure where you could put it so that most of Columbia could see it? In any event, here are the four heads.

Head No. 1
Don Faurot

It seems perhaps a foregone conclusion that the man who invented the “T-style” offense would be included. The ‘Wild Hog’ formation that Arkansas ran with Heisman winner Darren McFadden in 2007? That was the style Faurot invented. He pioneered the option. And when Faurot got his boys running with it, it was hard to defend.

Faurot’s inclusion on the list is almost a necessity. Anytime the home football field is named after you, probably a good indicator you’ll be included on a school’s Mt. Rushmore list.

Head No. 2
Norm Stewart

Stormin’ Normin wasn’t just a coach that ran with a fierce attitude on the sideline, he was someone that preached the fundamentals of basketball, with defense being at the core. He could recruit, he could teach, and he could beat kU, solidifying his legend year after year.

It’s hard to see a coach coming in and taking over Norm Stewart’s win total. At one time, Stewart was involved in over half of the games Missouri basketball had ever played, either as a coach or as a player. Tiger basketball wouldn’t be where it is today without Coach Stewart, an easy shoe-in on this list.

Head No. 3
Dan Devine

It’s a name that immediately commands respect. Coach Daniel J. Devine, Sr. had a presence that didn’t have to be loud to get your full attention. His achievements at Notre Dame were amazing, but it was taking a lackluster team and turning them into one of the great powers of the 60’s that shines as far as his Mizzou resume is concerned.

Orchestrating the two greatest seasons of Mizzou football all-time in 1960 and 1969 respectively, Devine earned the respect of his players and of his peers. That talent couldn’t be contained in Columbia forever, as he was called to South Bend where he won National Championships. Coach Devine, a well deserved inclusion into Mizzou’s Mt. Rushmore.

Head No. 4
Gary Pinkel

So I went back and forth on this one for a while, not because I don’t think Coach Pinkel deserves it, but I’m just wondering if I’m getting caught up with recent emotion in including him on a historical list like this. And really, I don’t think so.

Pinkel is the winningest coach in Mizzou football history. He slayed the mighty beast that was Nebraska, and he took Mizzou to a No. 1 ranking near the end of the season. A number of division championships and chances at a conference title, Pinkel made Arnold Palmer’s out of lemons while at Mizzou. His inclusion was debated but verified in being on this list.

The ‘almost’ guys are there, but not in stone just the same.

Chase Daniel
It really was between him and Pinkel for me, plus there’s not a player on the list. At the same time, though, I found it silly to leave Pinkel off. In any event, Daniel was the first out and certainly wouldn’t look bad chiseled out.

Quin Snyder
just kidding…
Anthony Peeler
Hard to think of a basketball player that played so well for Mizzou, then went on to have such a strong NBA career. Peeler had an innate ability to see the floor, and was money at the free throw line. His Mizzou record of 20-20 free throws in a game still stands.

Roger Wherli
This guy was just a flat-out interception machine, like no one you’ve ever seen. His Mizzou accomplishments are one thing, but you end up in the NFL Hall of Fame and I’d say your pro stats have all the weight they need. Wherli being on Mizzou’s Mt. wouldn’t be a bad thing, but he doesn’t quite make the cut.

John Kadlec
“The Coach” or “Mr. Mizzou” as he’d become affectionately known, was the color commentator for Tiger football for several seasons. It was his long-time service and dedication to Mizzou that earned him his monikers, ones he’ll never be forgotten for.

Mad I didn’t include your guy on this list? Good. Come at me, bro. Either on here or on Facebook or Twitter.

Obnoxious Mizzou Fan is this guy named Dan Irwin. He forgets things a lot and can’t remember what is and isn’t laundry. He can still outcook most people, including your uncle. He’s on Twitter.


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