Rapid Reaction: Caleb Love Chooses UNC, Mizzou Loses Out on Big Recruit

Another big name college recruit from the state of Missouri is leaving to play elsewhere, this time for the North Carolina Tarheels.

Mizzou fans were predictably unhappy, but not too many expected Caleb Love to pick Mizzou over national powerhouse North Carolina.

Most of the reactions were frustrated, but within reason.

The Antlers had a direct yet unemotional response:

Everyone’s favorite Twitter fan Mizzou Kris came at it with a little sarcasm, which is perfect for this kind of situation.

Not everyone was so happy, however. Some people were a little salty with Love’s presentation.

Still others weren’t as focused on Love so much as they were Mizzou coach Cuonzo Martin.

Many other top recruits hang in the balance still for Missouri, but no question that losing out on Love was a huge missed opportunity that could have helped propel Mizzou to the next level. But as for now, the next step for some will be learning how to cope with this shattering reality check.

Dan Irwin wrote this. He has a Twitter account but you probably shouldn’t follow it.


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