Tony Gonzalez Arrogantly Claims to Support Chiefs; NFL Fans Shred Him

Former Kansas City Chiefs tight end Tony Gonzalez took to Twitter on Sunday evening following the Chiefs 35-24 win over the Tennessee Titans in the AFC Championship Game at Arrowhead Stadium.

“Yeah baby, going to the Super Bowl! Ha ha ha ha! Yeah,” Gonzalez said in a short video with the conclusion of the game playing in the background.

Gonzalez holds several Kansas City Chiefs records, in addition to being one of the most decorated tight ends and receivers in NFL history. But his exit from Kansas City was outright nasty, with Gonzalez’s choosing to display his displeasure openly.

Let’s take a small trip back and refresh ourselves on a few events.

At the October 2008 trade deadline, Gonzalez wanted out of Kansas City. He didn’t even care where he went. Coach Herm Edwards was open to appeasing him, but former General Manager Carl Peterson wanted optimal trade value. The deal fell through, according to FOX Sports’ Jay Glazer, and Gonzalez became upset.

“I’m done, I’m retiring, I’m quitting,” Gonzalez said of his Kansas City Chiefs and NFL career at this point, because he wasn’t getting exactly what he wanted. “I’m not playing for this guy,” referring to Peterson.

There’s countless other stories of Gonzalez’s general disdain for the Chiefs, from top to bottom. He didn’t like management, he didn’t like other players, he didn’t like fans; it was more than safe to say he outright hated the Kansas City Chiefs and everything about being in Kansas City.

After the 2008 season, Scott Pioli was named the new General Manager of the Chiefs. Gonzalez lobbied hard and was granted his wish and traded to the Atlanta Falcons. Gonzalez would be a professional and never talk badly of his former team while with Atlanta, but the damage to his time had been done as many Chiefs fans didn’t forgive him for his very obvious dislike of his time in Kansas City.

Gonzalez would finish out his career with Hall of Fame credentials. His overall body of work was extremely impressive.

After finishing out his playing career, he got hired as an analyst of CBS Sports, mainly due to his extensive knowledge of the game and his ability to comfortably speak on the air. But then in 2019, over a decade after he was traded to Atlanta, with all the time as an adult to think about his words and actions, Tony Gonzalez decided to say this, of which we are still not one calendar year removed from:

“The Falcons honestly made my career. When I got to Atlanta, now it’s like you’re a part of a winning organization,” Gonzalez chose to say at the NFL Hall of Fame ceremony in February of 2019.

The comment alone warrants a raised eyebrow, but the fact it came from the same guy who has a history of general Kansas City dislike, shows that Tony still harbors negative feeling about his time in Kansas City. With so many accomplishments, it’s surprising that he would choose to hold a grudge, but then again he attended Cal-Berkeley.

Here’s a sample of some of the comments to his post:

There were other comments of support and dislike that weren’t as interacted with. You can see all the comments by seeing the Tweet here.

Tony, please stop claiming the Chiefs. Your efforts here have been forgotten. You won’t be on any Chiefs Super Bowl graphics, you won’t be anybody’s invited guest, and in fact it would do the entire Kansas City community a favor if you just shut up and claimed Atlanta only. We don’t want you here trying to soak up accolades that you clearly “didn’t get made from.”

Obnoxious Mizzou Fan doesn’t know how to fry an egg, and likely needs you to tell him how to do so on Twitter.


One thought on “Tony Gonzalez Arrogantly Claims to Support Chiefs; NFL Fans Shred Him

  1. Tony G will always be a Chief first and foremost. I blame Scott Pioli for him being a Falcon not Tony. Tony wanted to stay but the Peehole didn’t want to pay him.


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