Mizzou Hockey Prepares for Border War with kansas jayhawks

The Missouri Tigers hockey team rounds out the remainder of their regular season schedule with a Border War showdown against the kansas jayhawks in Kansas City.

“We’re really excited. It’s always a great turnout,” said junior forward Nick Spolec.

Spolec and his Mizzou hockey team have already qualified for the ACHA Division III National Championship to be held in Boston in March, but a sweep of the rival jayhawks on the season would be sweet.

Especially in Spolec’s hometown of Kansas City.

“We’re really excited to bring our organization back to Kansas City and show the Kansas City fans–which is a great hockey community–our program.

Also, we’ll play kansas as well,” Spolec added as a matter of fact.

In two previous Mizzou victories on the season, the Tigers are ahead on aggregate score 21-1. Those victories were at Washington Ice Park, so the question is will kansas be able to make a game of it being at the Cable Dahmer Arena?

“We’re really looking to bolster the Kansas CIty community and to have a great hockey game,” Spolec added.

So before the tall task of a National Championship, Spolec and the Tiger team look to help expand their image and visibility in the sporting hub of Kansas City. Stay tuned to the Mizzou Report for more to come on the Mizzou hockey journey.


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