Bill Irwin and Dan Irwin

Bill Irwin (left) who hand paints “Tiger” John Cleek’s prediction sign each week, with Dan Irwin (right).

The Mizzou Report is run and maintained by longtime Columbia resident Dan Irwin.

Dan began writing for Bleacher Report in February of 2012, going on to become a Featured Columnist for Mizzou football. After a brief time as an SEC writer for Rant Sports, Dan took on a leadership role in setting up GaryPinkel.com. Dan concluded his time with Bleacher Report and became the editor of Truman’s Tales, a Fansided blog under the Sports Illustrated umbrella. That role ended in January 2016 to embark on the newest and  most exciting chapter yet, The Mizzou Report.

The cache of experience and expertise Dan has accumulated has led to the creation of The Mizzou Report, dedicated to the fair and unbias coverage of sports that fans recognize as smart journalism. You can reach Dan directly at mizzoureport@gmail.com


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