Katie Hobbs Will Face Prison Time if Linked to Maricopa County Cheating

There’s no way around the truth. Arizona’s current Secretary of State Katie Hobbs is in charge of Elections and Election integrity in the state of Arizona, and has failed miserably at delivering fair Elections, a clear non-partisan issue.

Across America, citizens are furious that Hobbs could allow an Election to spiral into a visible showcase of how to cheat, enabling an entire unseen chain-of-custody that clearly benefits Democrats.

Calls for her arrest are skyrocketing and need to be addressed. Citizens have informed Marines and the National Guard. Her arrest needs to be swift if it’s to be affective.

Per the terms of Arizona law 16-1005 regarding ballot abuse, Hobbs is guilty of a clear felony. At the conclusion of the Election, she needs to be seized by peace officers immediately.

The Mizzou Report will keep you up to date on the imminent Hobbs arrest.


Twitter Still Has Major Issues in Place from Pro-Left Staff

It’s been a dream several years in the making. The Twitter deal has been finalized and new owner Elon Musk has taken over the company at long last. There has been a measurabe amount of excitment already as many users have reported seeing noticable differences in their follower counts and active engagements. Some accounts have come back after being “permanently suspended” altogether.

The feeling is generally positive. The vast majority of users now feel they can engage on what is a social platform without the fear of being silenced. But despite these immediate positives, there are several lingering issues that will keep the platform in a Liberal strangle-hold of sorts if not addressed at some point.

“More Replies”

One of the oldest speech supression techniques in place on Twitter, is easily the most affective. The hiding of replies under the guise of repetition is clearly exposed when there are no Replies immediatly available to view, but you can click on “More Replies” and see a variety of items that for some reason didn’t make the cut. These are non-promoted Tweets.

The image on the left shows a typical Twitter thread with a lot of interaction. The “Show more replies” link is at the bottom. On the other image, you can see once clicked, we now have access to lots more replies, most of them against the narrative of political correctness.

Why do Tweets end up here? To be completely honest, I believe there’s a wide range of metrics in play with the algorithm being used that does a lot of the automated work on Twitter. There’s no set answer. However, the obvious is that there are far more Donald Trump supporters and Republican opinions in this area than there are Democrats.

This isn’t exclusive, as Liberal accounts do appear in this area from time to time. Two metrics that may be in play are history of foul language, and frequency of reported Tweets. Because reported Tweets are often more favorable to Democrat accounts, this would be another sly way to make a policy that looks fair on paper, but translates into favoritism.

Beyond that, there’s then another layer of supression that is intended purely to devalue target accounts, the grey box warning that insinuates that additional replies contain “offensive content.” Below is an image of the grey warning box on the left.

The box is made to look stern, insinuating that the hidden Tweets have little to no value. Once clicked, it reveals Tweets that are now the Twitter target enemies; anyone outspoken against the great Liberal/Communist cult machine movement. If at any point your name or anything you say hits one of the bevy of keywords that usually only Republicans and Trump supporters utter, your account is marked and you’re now permanently doomed to be shaddowbanned, removed from search suggestions and ultimately supressed.

You’ll likely have to immediately verify your phone number as well, which has nothing to do with verifying your account and everything to do with disabling a small percentage of their opposition base every time they require phone number verification.

You can see that in the example photos, the two accounts we can now see after the “offensive content” has been revealed are Patriot accounts. One has “MAGA” in the display name and the other has American flags. Both of these items are likely the triggers that got them marked to begin with.

Appeal Denials

When your account is suspended, you have a couple of options. The first one involves leaving the situation to create another account. This can be taxing because if you used your phone number to verify your suspended account, it’s now been added to the “black list.” The black list means if you try to assocaite that phone number with a Twitter account for the next three years, your account wil be automatically and perminantly suspended with no appeal possiblity.

Account appeal and recovery is a murky world to begin with. You’re allowed to submit a small bit of reasoning as to why you don’t think your account should be suspended, but that’s it. Sometimes you get an email that the issue is being looked in to, and that your patience is appriciated. Other times, Twitter Support sends an automated email that you have to reply to before they will add your appeal ticket to the cue.

Once in line, your request can be responded to as quickly as within the hour, or take several days. Typically if your account is going to be unsuspened, you are going to hear about it quicker, usually within a few hours.

The issue with these appeals however, is that even if you are correct in your assertions, they have internal notes about people and accounts, and are committed to not letting certain people back.

If your account changes its user name to one you had when suspended, this will trigger an automatic permanent suspension. Appeal of this situation is never overturned. Hitting any kind of profile image, username, display name or cover photo that they have saved on you, will end the account with a permanent loss of appeal.

In order to fix this, Twitter needs to allow all old accounts to be accessed again with the opportunity to delete offending Tweets. The exact same algorithms that were in place then, are still permanently suspending accounts today, and appeals are being rejected. This simply must be fixed.

Ghost Replies and Ghost Likes

When your account has been labelled as being excessivly abrasive, you are added to a naughty list of sorts. When sending your content to “See more replies” doesn’t work, the final option is simply not publishing your Tweet, when on your account it looks like it did. One way you can tell if your content is being ghosted, is that the tiny replies number next to the replies icon will not go up. This is easy to tell if you are the only comment, but virtually impossible in situations with several other replies.

Using another account, you can check the replies to a particular Tweet and see if what you said was published. A ghosted comment will never show any interaction.

In addition, Likes can reveal when accounts are being censored as well. Often times the Likes count next to the Likes icon will not match the accounts listed that like a Tweet. The icon number is always higher because anyone banned will not show up on the list. Twitter went to great lengths to keep information from getting to people. Obvioulsy, this must change sooner than later if the platform is going to meet its free speech utopia.

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BLM Supporter Frank James is New York Subway Shooter

Posted anti-Trump images and sentiments of killing white people often.

The “person of interest” in the New York City subway shooting that injured at least ten people has turned out to be a huge supporter of Black Lives Matter, an avid anti-Trump social media figure, and even posted multiple times in reference to shooting people.

Frank James was known as a potential threat by the FBI, but according to reports he was suddenly disregarded and unmonitored in 2019.

His social media posts include many pro-Marxist Black Lives Matter propaganda items, as well as that attempted to infer anyone who supports Donald Trump is a racist.

Mainstream media is not picking up the story now because of the details, and paid social media misinformants are hard at work trying to slander anyone who mentions his obvious affiliations. Stick with the Mizzou Report for the latest on this story.

Canadian Truckers Vow to Stay Until All Mandates Lifted

Ottawa, CAN. — In a move of solidarity not seen in Canada in some time, truckers from all over the country have formed a miles-long convey that many claim intends to stay in place until Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau lifts all vaccine mandates.

Trudeau has claimed that under the province’s health protocols, he needs to isolate for five days over safety concerns of spreading the “COVID-19” virus.

But the move comes at an obvious time of confrontation among your chief opposition, so of course the move was intentional. We wait to see the result of Trudeau’s cowardly scamper away from focus.

White House Cat Newest Distraction by Inept Biden Presidency

Washington, D.C. — The newest addition to the White House isn’t a political appointee, but it’ll be nine lifetimes of service for poor Willow.

Fake doctor and part-time glam rock groupie fashionist Jill Biden debuted the cat on her Twitter, with photos accompanying the announcement.

The United States southern border has seen a record number of illegal immigrants, including ISIS members and sympathizers who intend to participate in future attacks and jihad against America, but the Biden administration is more concerned with showing you a picture of a cat.

America waits for real answers concerning a wide range of questions Biden has created.

Mizzou Scores Opening Night Win Against Chippewas

(COLUMBIA, Mo)—The Missouri Tigers took the court with a guarded optimism upon hearing that three of their players would be held out for various reasons. Their worries melted away, mostly late in the second half, as the Tigers outlasted the Chippewas of Central Michigan 78-68 on Tuesday evening.

Five Tigers were into double figures on points as Mizzou was able to overcome an early run by the Chippewas that saw Mizzou down for several minutes.

The Tigers fought back with a bevy of three-point shots that were reminiscent of a Melvin Booker/Mark Atkins team. Their efforts were rewarded with an opening night victory.

One of the standout elements of the evening was the raucous student section at Mizzou Arena. SEC Network play-by-play man Ben Arnet noted on several occasions that the Mizzou student section was instrumental in assisting the Tiger team.

The Mizzou basketball team takes the court again on Monday November 15 when they host the University of Missouri-Kansas City Kangaroos. Tip-time is set for 7:00pm CST.

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Arizona AG Mark Brnovich Has Little Interest in Action on Election Fraud

(TEMPE, Ariz.)–It’s been two weeks since the office of Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich requested items from Representative Wendy Rogers in relation to fraud in the 2020 Presidential Election.

A third party company from Florida called the Cyber Ninjas were able to materialize through professional auditing that there were several irregularities with ballots. Some duplicate, some printed on paper whose origin proves it came from China, some involving deceased voters, and so on.

Unfortunately, all of the work seems to be in vain for now, as Brnovich has spoken one way about the idea of election fraud justice but his actions are clearly not oriented around the Arizonian’s whose votes were wrongfully stolen.

On Wednesday, Brnovich was able to hand out 13 indictments related to a fraudulent health-billing scandal, but nothing related to the massive election fraud.

The website of The Attorney General’s Office shows there is still a section titled “Election Integrity Unit,” that if clicked on takes you to an area where you can file an election complaint.

The hard work of people looking to negate obvious fraud has been shown, but it is not being acted on. How long can this be allowed to go on before people have had enough? Several people associated with the audit have voiced their concerns on the matter, but it all seems to just fall into the breeze.

Brnovich has laid out no kind of time-table as to when he might even make remarks on the findings. For now, the nation waits.

Wendy Rogers Calls For Arrests in Wake of Audit Evidence

Arizona State Representative Wendy Rogers called upon Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich for the arrests of both Katie Hobbs and Adrian Fontes on Friday morning.

Rogers has been adamant about showing the truth of the 2020 Presidential Election via the recent audits in her home state. She has called on Patriots in all other 49 states to conduct their own audits and decertify election results where appropriate. This call to action has been heeded by several states and municipalities as of today, 346 since the Election was stolen.

Maricopa County officials admitted that they deleted election data in response to being subpoenaed for information related directly to the election fraud.

It has been over a week now since the office of Brnovich requested items and exhibits be sent to him related to election abuses in Arizona. He then, based on the evidence, has the authority to issue arrest warrants for the arrest of those involved in stealing the election.

It’s unknown how long it might take for such events to take place.

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Massive Police Presence in Washington on Video, No Explanation

Video has emerged from Washington, DC showing a huge line of police vehicles going to an unknown location.

The DC Police Department made a statement around the same time afterwards that police closeby were looking for a black male ages 13-16. This claim hardly matches the visual response shown in the video. The Department never said that the police presence in the video was related to the Benning Road incident.

A search of “Washington DC” on Twitter revealed that there was no further context to what was happening provided by anyone, let alone a Project Mockingbird complicit entity.

There was, however, a lot of interest from the international perspective as several non-English speaking countries had began sharing the video and speculating on what it was truly showing.

The Mizzou Report remains committed to truth in the news. We will update this story as information becomes available.

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