Massive Police Presence in Washington on Video, No Explanation

Video has emerged from Washington, DC showing a huge line of police vehicles going to an unknown location.

The DC Police Department made a statement around the same time afterwards that police closeby were looking for a black male ages 13-16. This claim hardly matches the visual response shown in the video. The Department never said that the police presence in the video was related to the Benning Road incident.

A search of “Washington DC” on Twitter revealed that there was no further context to what was happening provided by anyone, let alone a Project Mockingbird complicit entity.

There was, however, a lot of interest from the international perspective as several non-English speaking countries had began sharing the video and speculating on what it was truly showing.

The Mizzou Report remains committed to truth in the news. We will update this story as information becomes available.

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What Do We Do Now?

As our sports generation is now faced with a quagmire whose only modern precedent is the Spanish Flu pandemic, local sports fans have come to a menacing and gut-wrenching reality, that there are no sports to fall back on in these times of Coronavirus pandemic.

Stern warnings are being issued that this may be the toughest week for Americans yet. Pearl Harbor and 9/11 have been mentioned as equally impactful precedents.

But in the thought of progression and doing thing we have to do so we don’t drive ourselves or others nuts, here is The Mizzou Report’s ‘What Now’ list.

Don’t Inundate Me With Your Fake Sports

I’ve already had it with this frenzy of fake sports in some sort of weird effort to satisfy the desire for competition. Any type of e-sports substitution, theoretical/simulated games or fantasy sports without real competition is an annoying farce.

Countdowns are a semi-tolerable form of recent recollection on sport, but most are outdated.

College Football WILL Happen

Insiders are already saying those in the know are committed to carrying out the 2020 college football season. Even if it means moving the start of the season as far back as November, the season will happen in its entirety.

This is great news for all of the SEC, terrible news for kansas. Interesting to see however, if February becomes the new November this season in the FBS.

Andrew Kaufman is Killing It

So reporting sports during this COVID-19 quarantine has been a challenge, but ABC17 Sports Director Andrew Kaufman is putting a little sizzle into the pot, primarily by using the energy his offspring is burning behind the wheel of a stunt bike.

Aerial jumps, sick slo-mo replays and raw attitude is what you’ll get when you watch Kaufman’s home sports report. You might also get schooled on the difference between ͏bath towels and plush white blankets from Target.

Anti-Christ is Coming

So with all this COVID-19 stuff comes the conspiracy perspective, which is also what is religious perspective.

This past December, a public ceremony was held for the alter that will be used in the Third Temple that will be built in Jerusalem. Groups are declaring that construction of the temple is about the begin.

But there’s one major problem.

The Dome of the Rock, al-Aqsa mosque is there, one of the most holy places in Islam. In order to build this Third Temple, there’s going to have to be some major deconstruction activities going on.

Not only that but they apparently have their guy to put in place, who would be—you guessed it—the anti-Christ. Nothing is known until it happens, but certainly worth keeping an eye on.

So What Now?

Survive and become stronger, mentally and physically. Try to learn a language…I’m going for ten right now, no kidding.

It’s never too later to start learning something amazing, especially now. Several language groups agree you can “fluently” learn a language in less than two months, so why not give it an honest attempt?

Anyone who Tweets at the @MizzouReport or @realdanielirwin in a different language will be responded to, just be ready to carry on a conversation!

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Mizzou’s Mt. Rushmore, Who Are the Four Heads?

Tiger Athletics has a strong tradition that spans back well over a century. With all the iconic names that the school is known for, we narrow down to the four obvious choices, as well as discuss those who didn’t make it.

If you build it, they will debate. Seeing something like this would be fantastic, but I’m not sure where you could put it so that most of Columbia could see it? In any event, here are the four heads.

Head No. 1
Don Faurot

It seems perhaps a foregone conclusion that the man who invented the “T-style” offense would be included. The ‘Wild Hog’ formation that Arkansas ran with Heisman winner Darren McFadden in 2007? That was the style Faurot invented. He pioneered the option. And when Faurot got his boys running with it, it was hard to defend.

Faurot’s inclusion on the list is almost a necessity. Anytime the home football field is named after you, probably a good indicator you’ll be included on a school’s Mt. Rushmore list.

Head No. 2
Norm Stewart

Stormin’ Normin wasn’t just a coach that ran with a fierce attitude on the sideline, he was someone that preached the fundamentals of basketball, with defense being at the core. He could recruit, he could teach, and he could beat kU, solidifying his legend year after year.

It’s hard to see a coach coming in and taking over Norm Stewart’s win total. At one time, Stewart was involved in over half of the games Missouri basketball had ever played, either as a coach or as a player. Tiger basketball wouldn’t be where it is today without Coach Stewart, an easy shoe-in on this list.

Head No. 3
Dan Devine

It’s a name that immediately commands respect. Coach Daniel J. Devine, Sr. had a presence that didn’t have to be loud to get your full attention. His achievements at Notre Dame were amazing, but it was taking a lackluster team and turning them into one of the great powers of the 60’s that shines as far as his Mizzou resume is concerned.

Orchestrating the two greatest seasons of Mizzou football all-time in 1960 and 1969 respectively, Devine earned the respect of his players and of his peers. That talent couldn’t be contained in Columbia forever, as he was called to South Bend where he won National Championships. Coach Devine, a well deserved inclusion into Mizzou’s Mt. Rushmore.

Head No. 4
Gary Pinkel

So I went back and forth on this one for a while, not because I don’t think Coach Pinkel deserves it, but I’m just wondering if I’m getting caught up with recent emotion in including him on a historical list like this. And really, I don’t think so.

Pinkel is the winningest coach in Mizzou football history. He slayed the mighty beast that was Nebraska, and he took Mizzou to a No. 1 ranking near the end of the season. A number of division championships and chances at a conference title, Pinkel made Arnold Palmer’s out of lemons while at Mizzou. His inclusion was debated but verified in being on this list.

The ‘almost’ guys are there, but not in stone just the same.

Chase Daniel
It really was between him and Pinkel for me, plus there’s not a player on the list. At the same time, though, I found it silly to leave Pinkel off. In any event, Daniel was the first out and certainly wouldn’t look bad chiseled out.

Quin Snyder
just kidding…
Anthony Peeler
Hard to think of a basketball player that played so well for Mizzou, then went on to have such a strong NBA career. Peeler had an innate ability to see the floor, and was money at the free throw line. His Mizzou record of 20-20 free throws in a game still stands.

Roger Wherli
This guy was just a flat-out interception machine, like no one you’ve ever seen. His Mizzou accomplishments are one thing, but you end up in the NFL Hall of Fame and I’d say your pro stats have all the weight they need. Wherli being on Mizzou’s Mt. wouldn’t be a bad thing, but he doesn’t quite make the cut.

John Kadlec
“The Coach” or “Mr. Mizzou” as he’d become affectionately known, was the color commentator for Tiger football for several seasons. It was his long-time service and dedication to Mizzou that earned him his monikers, ones he’ll never be forgotten for.

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The Media, Michael Porter, Jr. and Mizzou Pitchers

It’s not exactly how your coach or your fans want to see you talked about in the preseason media.

In response to being annoyed at the coverage Jeremiah Tilmon’s “arrest” was getting for a simple MIP, Mizzou defensive standout Marcell Frazier declared that he would be unavailable for all local media this season. This caused the local and even national media to respond, mostly in a very general disjointed defense of being able to cover whatever, which really isn’t the point of what Frazier is talking about.

He elaborated and said that he would be available to fans at community events to talk football if they felt they didn’t have access to him.

So what’s the deal? What about the Tilmon arrest has Frazier upset? It’s that something this mundane was covered at all, yet there’s all sorts of illegal activity that takes place everyday, almost encouraged.

Many of the Mizzou writers who went on the defensive don’t seem to understand that it’s not your journalistic integrity that Frazier is attacking, it’s the choice of subject matter. Frazier doesn’t really understand that it’s not so much about what the writers want to report, as it’s about what people (fans) want to know.

So then really in the whole world of determining who’s right and wrong, we’ve arrived at a media stalemate.

Frazier totally has a point. But is his beef with the writers? A little, but more about the people who control the media.

Media are simply doing their job by fulfilling the wishes of their readers and sponsors, is that wrong? Partly, but they need to eat. And even if the Illuminati controls everything, it’s not as if the writers are sacrificing goats, right?


Michael Porter, Jr. is so off the charts of anyone Mizzou has ever had, I’m not sure that people are going to know how to deal with it.

As we try to remain humble in our words and realistic in our expectations, the days continue to count down until we see Michael Porter, Jr. dawn that Mizzou basketball jersey for an official game against Iowa State.

His preseason accolades are so absurd it’s almost a formality to just assume he’s the best. But when people see what he’s capable of on the floor, I think it’s getting ready to add a whole new dimension to the conversation about him.

“The guys he’s beating are so tiny,” is the most popular variated complaint I heard about him when showing his highlight videos to people all over the country. “Doesn’t mean he can play on a team,” someone from upstate New York said.

The biggest part of this year’s team will actually be the usual suspects. How well can Terrence Phillips, Kevin Puryear and Jordan Geist lead these incredible talents early on in the season? How will Jeremiah Tilmon factor in? What is Jordan Barnett’s role now? Tons of huge questions that will all be answered when we see the Porter era play out in front of us.


The Sporting News said they believe Mizzou product Max Scherzer is a shoe-in for Cooperstown. It’s too early for that, but Mizzou pitching is going well.

The Boston Red Sox made an investment into their future by signing Tanner Houck and giving him a $2mil + signing bonus. This couldn’t be a better fit IMHO. Boston finally has that untradeable secret-weapon prospect they’ve craved, and Mizzou continues to look like a pitchers’ school on a national scale.


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The State of Mizzou by Dan Irwin

So, welcome back to Tiger athletics. Even if you’re looking to take a mini-vacation from all the outlandish things that took place around the program this past year, you’re going to be saddened with the amount of cultural references that will socially bury this squad.

The distinct leader of the team, Gary Pinkel–with all of his foresight and experience–is gone. In his place are the men he trained for just such an occasion, with the obvious lamb being former player Barry Odom.

It’s so simple; just don’t lose bad. Don’t be the Bob Stull Tigers from 1992 that lose by 70 points, and everything will be okay. But making any kind of claim with the current offense that Mizzou is boasting, could be a reach.

Offense is “meh,” while the defense could be on a ‘once-in-a-lifetime’ type level. Even with the dismissals of Harold Brantley and Walter Brady, the Mizzou defense appears to be good enough to still run a 3-4 scheme (with three defenders on the line of scrimmage, and four players on the second level).

The running back spot has gotten some help from Oklahoma transfer Alex Ross, who currently sits at the top of the running back hierarchy, just ahead of Ish Witter. Ross’ inate ability will shine for Mizzou, possibly in the Tigers’ first game against West Virginia on September 3.

What should Tiger fans expect? Here’s a good nugget in the midst of sadness; a better receiving game. Sophomore quarterback Drew Lock has looked very good at points throwing the ball during the spring. His receivers have looked better…than last year.

IF Missouri can open up a running game, they stand a chance to beat a West Virginia team who lost a lot of key players in the off-season. There’s no doubt about it; this is the year you want to be playing West Virginia, especially when they’re vulnerable.

Missouri is rising. If their newly-confident offense can work on any kind of level like they believe they are capable of playing at, it could be another long year in the SEC East. €€

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