Tod Palmer and Dave Matter Take Inaugural Tweet of the Week Honors

In the world of Twitter, where you are wrong and the guy telling you how stupid you are is supposedly undefeated, some people use their linguistics to carve their mark on Twitter that leaves people in awe.

Although we can’t promise that level of majesty, we do have acknowledgement for the Mizzou Report Tweet of the Week for both the weeks of January 19-25, as well as January 26-February 1.

Our first winner, is Tod Palmer. On the night of January 23, there was a lot of snow falling over the Missouri area, including Kansas City. You might think 1:00am on what is un-technically a Thursday night might keep lesser journalists indoors, but not Tod.

Tod goes out to produce a winter traffic report with depth and detail that hasn’t been seen outside of the Yukon, ever.

He would go on to make three more full Tweets to go with the thread, all of which was too large for our servers, but you can see the full Tweet here.

Our second winner is Dave Matter. Dave’s winning Tweet is actually in reply to The Mizzou Report. When The Mizzou Report came to give their unsolicited opinion on comments Marcus Morris had made, Dave used his assertiveness with a twist of humor to shift the focal point away from a divisive political element.

Both of these Tweets will now be entered into The Mizzou Report’s Tweet of the Year contest, to be decided in January of 2021.

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