BLM Supporter Frank James is New York Subway Shooter

Posted anti-Trump images and sentiments of killing white people often.

The “person of interest” in the New York City subway shooting that injured at least ten people has turned out to be a huge supporter of Black Lives Matter, an avid anti-Trump social media figure, and even posted multiple times in reference to shooting people.

Frank James was known as a potential threat by the FBI, but according to reports he was suddenly disregarded and unmonitored in 2019.

His social media posts include many pro-Marxist Black Lives Matter propaganda items, as well as that attempted to infer anyone who supports Donald Trump is a racist.

Mainstream media is not picking up the story now because of the details, and paid social media misinformants are hard at work trying to slander anyone who mentions his obvious affiliations. Stick with the Mizzou Report for the latest on this story.