FOX Loses Grip With Reality on Odom Gun Rule

In yet another sad attempt by the ‘highly-trained in liberal tactics’ press, Lindsey Foltin of FOX–among others–have decided to report on Mizzou head coach Barry Odom’s reiteration of a rule that has been standard for seasons, be used as a potential fulcrum point of social division and claims of injustice.

Let’s get something straight; I believe in gun ownership. No surprise there. But why do people own guns? Why should people be allowed to own guns? It is to protect their families and themselves from immediate and personal danger. There is no Mizzou student-athlete who should ever–at this juncture in their lives–be putting themselves in a situation where they would need to use a gun to protect themselves.

Once you have moved on to a point in life where football is not your primary focus and you are not under the watchful eye of the highly structured NCAA system, then yes, I can see you owning a gun.

But the point here now isn’t at all the gun issue, it’s yet again someone on Mizzou’s campus having to defend themselves because of the political nonsense sprinkled in. And you’d think the local press would have a backbone? Not when the whole lineup of clowns that the Tribune and Missourian offer might as well have come out of a Melissa Click class.

The fact is that former coach Gary Pinkel had this rule in place as well, and it makes sense. But don’t look for that to stop the easily-programmed and sent-into-rage anti-gun crowd of writers, who are now undoubtedly foaming at the mouth to pound away at a social issue they they feel they will get a feather in the cap for writing about. So much for journalism.

Best of luck to you this season, Coach Odom. We’ll be pulling for you.