Drew Lock Clearly Not the Answer for Mizzou Football

You can’t start out your defense with, “It wasn’t pretty, but,” and then transition into supplying all the excuses you can think of to support Drew Lock. It doesn’t work anymore.

This wouldn’t be an issue, except you can see the clouds gathering if you have an eye on the liberal barometer. The same cast of disconnected kids with a degree who write about Mizzou football, seem to all be rushing to Lock’s defense even before the game was half over.

The guy who likes to go by Oscer Gamble from Rock M Nation couldn’t be a more mindless dingleberry in his analysis; no particular data point provided, “Drew Lock is not the problem.” Really? Because the way you say it makes me think you’re already aware that he is the problem.

Same thing from Matt Michaels of KTGR when he said, “Can’t see Lock grading out better than Zanders unless you use a curve.” Curve what?! Zanders hardly even had an opportunity to throw the ball! I mean seriously, are you being paid for what to say? That is unfortunately a serious question.

This is just the tip of the problem now for Mizzou. The offense—although I am judging from the first game—has become completely comfortable with the same Larry Smith-style screens that got him fired.

If that wasn’t bad enough, every fan’s worst nightmare was revealed when Ish Witter got somewhere in the area of ten thousand carries. Sitting in the visitors section of Milan-Puskar Stadium, I heard many fans plead multiple times, “Please don’t hand it to Witter again,” only to be sitting with their hands over their face seconds later.

Most people are trying really hard to church everything up. But this Missouri team (not just the offense) is a huge turd that no one will be able to polish…at least on its current track. Alex Ross was “meh” at best behind an awful offensive line. Chris Black looked good, but his potential wasn’t realized since offensive strategy chose to focus on being the 1999 team.

Essentially, what happened to Missouri was the absolute worst-case scenario. Yet, because of professional persuasion, everything is allegedly going to be just fine…if Lock is the quarterback and people stop realizing he is the problem.

In the author’s opinion, the one-sided onslaught from those named, as well as anyone who works under Joe Walljasper at the Columbia Daily Tribune, has been the problem since the feminist-led protests on campus. (Whole other piece coming out on this subject soon, you won’t want to miss.)

So where does Mizzou go from here? Barry Odom coached a very tough game against a good team. He made decisions like attempting to score at the end of the half, which was refreshing. But his product on the field was 100% shameful, there’s no other way to put it.

Mizzou is going to have to find an offensive identity, and fast. I understand that the players have to play within themselves and their abilities, but if being an FBS player in the SEC means that you’re cool with just bubble screening and Ish Wittering your opponent to death, then someone turn on the Sun Belt or something.

In any event, I’m sure the normal cast of clowns will dig deep to try and defend Lock to the death, but I’ve been talking about how Marvin Zanders needs to be the other guy since he arrived on campus. Now it’s clear that he needs to be the primary guy, but his haters will help the rest of the SEC.


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