Katie Hobbs Will Face Prison Time if Linked to Maricopa County Cheating

There’s no way around the truth. Arizona’s current Secretary of State Katie Hobbs is in charge of Elections and Election integrity in the state of Arizona, and has failed miserably at delivering fair Elections, a clear non-partisan issue.

Across America, citizens are furious that Hobbs could allow an Election to spiral into a visible showcase of how to cheat, enabling an entire unseen chain-of-custody that clearly benefits Democrats.

Calls for her arrest are skyrocketing and need to be addressed. Citizens have informed Marines and the National Guard. Her arrest needs to be swift if it’s to be affective.

Per the terms of Arizona law 16-1005 regarding ballot abuse, Hobbs is guilty of a clear felony. At the conclusion of the Election, she needs to be seized by peace officers immediately.

The Mizzou Report will keep you up to date on the imminent Hobbs arrest.

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